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12V3A AC DC Adapter fit for Sony MPA-AC1 Camera DVD EVI Direct VRD BRC SRG Charger

12V3A AC DC Adapter fit for Sony MPA-AC1 Camera DVD EVI Direct VRD BRC SRG Charger

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Brand: for Sony

Condition: New

Input:100V-240V 0.65A-0.35A  50-60Hz

Output: 12V 3A  36W

Compatible with:  

for Sony DVDirect VRD-MC1 VRDMC1 VRD-MC3 VRDMC3 VRD-MC5 VRDMC5 VRD-VC20 VRD-MC6 VRDMC6D VRD-VC10 VRDVC10 VRD-VC30 VRDVC30 AC-NB12A DVD Recorder, PDW-U2 PDWU2 XDCAM HD RENTAL Player, DRX-720UL drx-840u DVD Burner 12VDC Power Supply Cord Cable PS Battery Charger Mains PSU


for SONY EVI-D70 EVI-D70P AC-ES1230K MV-65ST NSP-100 EVI-D100P SBAC-US10;

For Sony LF-B20 LFB20 LF-X5 LFX5 022081-00 02208100 CPD-M151 LF-V30 LFV30 EVI-D100CP PHU-60 PHU-60R PHU60K AC-ES1225K ACES1225K Laptop Notebook; Sony SMP-NX20 SMPNX20 Streaming Network Media Player;

for Sony MPA-AC1 DRX-530UL EVI-D70 EVI-D70P MPAAC1 EVID70 EVID70P LF-B10 VBD-MA1 DVDirect MA1 Blu-ray Disc/DVD Camera 12VDC 3A Power Supply Charger

Fits for Sony DSR-11 PMW-EX1 PMWEX1 DVCAM VCR Player PMW Series HD Pro Camcorder Recorder Mini DV VCR, JVC RV-B55BU RV-B550 RV-B550BU RV-B550RD PMW-EX3 XDCAM EX EX3 PMWEX3 EX1 PMW-EX1 XDCAM PMW-EX1R PMWEX1 PMWEX1R PMW EVI-D30 EVI-D100 EVI-D100P EVID30 EVID100 EVID100P MPA AC1 DRX 530UL EVI D70 Video Camera Camcorder

Fits for Sony EVI-D30 EVI-D100 EVI-D100P AC-EV2 EVI-D30L EVI-D31 ACEV2 EVID30 EVID30L EVID31 EVID100 EVID100P SNC-P1 SNC-RZ30N SNCP1 SNCRZ30N DRX-500ULX DRX-530UL DRX-510UL DRX-720UL DRX-800UL DRX-830U DRX-840U DRX-710UL DRX-820U DRX-810UL-T DRX-720UL-T PDW-U1 XDCAM NSP1 NSP-1 DSR-11 D-VE7000S DVE7000S DVCAM DV MiniDV DVD RW Burner Walkman Player Compact Recorder Mini VCR


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